Dev Port~

So I told chief N. that I will be working on porting the dev kit so everyone can finally come together and experience the fruits of our labor. Finally we can all have fun discovering new features, and err… Fight for our lives!

Also, I hear that there will be some sort of wuxia content to be implemented… Not too sure how that’s going to play out but… I hear it’s fun. =]


So for tomorrow’s update highlight, I will [probably] be splitting the projects page, that will be your portal to where projects and their descriptions are [ one hell of a lot of work for me ]. So it may take a while for me to do that. Heck I may not even make the 3 pm deadline.

Anyways, tomorrow’s update will consist new information about things like sub classes, equipment drops, the black forge [may be included in sub classes, or it may have it’s own section. The Black Forge is big, so big it’s an actual revamp of the crafting system. ] Apart from those, there may or may not be some hidden things, so pay close attention. Cause I’m mischievous. Happy reading tomorrow!